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Huge Marketing Lesson from Turbo Tax

Is it possible to learn internet marketing from TV commercials?

Heck Yes!

Take a quick look at this Turbo Tax commercial and see if you can find this weeks Huge marketing lesson!


Did you catch it?  Do you want to have your taxes prepared by a plumber?  How does this apply to your business?

The big marketing lesson that you need to be applying to your business is that you are the expert or specialist in your field or market.  You are the go to person for auto-body work or you are the source for buying the nicest 1 family homes in Austine TX!  Turbo Tax uses only real tax professional-CPA’s, EA’s and Tax Attorney’s!  So is that going to build a little trust and credibility about having your taxes done with Turbo Tax?  Of course it is!

The example above is a good enough reason to add this strategy to your own marketing arsenal but for those of you who are still sitting on the fence here’s another quick and deadly strategy you should put to work ASAP!

Coincidentally, this is one of the first marketing lessons I learned.  As I’ve mentioned many times I started out in the entertainment business as a magician.  If you take a quick look in your yellow pages you will see several magicians advertising there and the majority of them are all claiming the same thing- “Magic for all occasions!”

What does the Turbo Tax video point out about using a “Jack Of All Trades”?

They are an expert of none!  And that’s just about the number of clients you can expect to get if you are positioning yourself this way.

Again, Turbo Tax is doing an excellent job of pointing out why it is so important that you do business with them and their tax professionals.  This commercial also has the benefit of taking a possible objection and turning it into a positive reason for doing business with them!

This is a strategy that you should swipe and deploy in your own marketing.

BTW- there are several other little marketing strategies at work here in this 30 second commercial!  Pick your favorite and tell us about it in the comments below!

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